Björn Ulvaeus
CISAC President

“In the post-COVID world, the issue of copyright buyouts matters more to creators than ever before. Artists, composers and authors have to be aware of their rights, understand their options and make informed choices on the way they are paid. Their future livelihoods depend on it.”

Manel Santisteban
Composer for La Casa de Papel

“My works are my life. I create them to enrich our culture, our society and our existence, and they are born from my soul. My future and my livelihood is forever linked to these works, for better or for worse, whether they are a success or a failure. That is Copyright – it is just remuneration over time, and that is why we cannot let it disappear!”

Yvonne Chaka Chaka
CISAC Vice President

“For someone who creates for a living, there is nothing more sacred than the right to earn royalties for their work. Yet this right is under threat, affecting creators around the world. We must stand together and improve awareness of creators’ rights on this critical issue. The protection of one’s legacy is very important. Created; protected; and retained.”

Simon Darlow
Composer and PRS Deputy Chair

“The next generation of composers will face a bleak future if they no longer own their rights and their works generate no income for them.”

Joel Beckerman

“Your Music, Your Future is a movement which started in the U.S., for composers by composers, to educate our community on their choices with respect to performing royalties. It is so gratifying to see that the international composer community recognizes that this is an urgent worldwide issue. As music creators, we are all in this together, and education is the key to ensuring their ability to support their families and put food on the table.”

Shunichi Tokura
Chairman of Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA)

“Understanding about copyright buyout is important for all creators in the world, especially for those who want music creation to be their profession. That is exactly what APMA is actively working on, working together with fellow music creators of the region, sharing experiences that differ in each country. The launch of “Your Music Your Future international” fits perfectly to our needs, not only to learn but to bring further awareness of this vital issue.”

Caitlin Yeo
APRA Award winning Australian screen composer

“With the onslaught of digital media, now, more than ever screen composers all over the world must make sustainable career choices and retain their rights. The terminology around buyouts and composer agreements can often be convoluted and unclear. To have the global educational Your Music Your Future International site available will be a godsend for all composers, to help us advocate for each other, and build a stronger more connected industry.”

Arturo Marquez
CISAC Vice President

“Did you know that“ Sobre las Olas ”, one of the great universal works, was sold for 45 pesos in 1888? A good figure for the salaries of the time but a pittance for the royalties he had. Its author, the Mexican Juventino Rosas, died in misery without leaving to his heirs the immense economic patrimony that this great work generated. Like him, there are thousands of cases in the history of art. The talent of artists is sacred and must be paid fairly. When they contract your music, do not give up your rights. Find out and protect your royalties; they are a heritage and a future for you and your loved ones .”

Park Sung-il
Music director

“It should be entirely up to individual creators to choose how to provide their creative works, and consequently how they receive the rightful compensation. No rights entity should enforce this choice or exclude the needs of the creators in this regard. Us creators need to be more actively aware of our rights, and what we are being forced to give up. Now is the time for all creators to come together and show solidarity in order to break this vicious cycle.”

Alberto Iglesias
Film Composer

“In my work and in my life with music, copyright has allowed me to keep going, and to perfect my vocation. To this day, copyright has been a guarantee for me and my family to live off my work.”

Panu Aaltio
Film Composer

“For many, earning royalties is the last thing that still makes it possible to be a professional composer. Retaining it is in everyone’s common interest so that composers can develop in their profession and their clients get high-quality and specialized music.”

Getting paid as a creator: know your rights and options

Whether you write a composition for streaming services, television, film, or video games, there are so many opportunities to make money beyond the original composing or package fee.

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About us

Your Music Your Future has been launched by songwriters and composers in the United States who were dedicated to educating fellow creators about their options for compensation. The online community aims to educate and takes no sides. It has grown (and continues to grow) to over 15,000 supporters.

Your Music Your Future International is now reaching out to creators in many other countries. It is partnered with CISAC, the global confederation representing 228 authors societies in 120 countries and territories. Your Music Your Future International is also supported by CIAM, the International Council of Music Creators.