29 Apr

Protect your royalties and protect yourself

Mat Andasun - media composer and songwriter Protect your royalties and protect yourself British film composer Mat Andasun explains why royalties are important for media composers' survival Royalties versus buyouts. Yawn. Can’t we just skip to the part where I get to write cool music and hear it on TV?

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7 Apr

Authors are being affected by the change in the media market. “There has been a visible decline in author compensation”

Henry is a Nordic composer who has been making music all his life. He is a fourth-generation musician and has performed in over 50 different countries in various line-ups. Professional composer he has been for about 15 years. Having received many kinds of offers during his career, Henry has learned

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31 Mar

Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union launch campaign against buyouts of media composers’ copyrights

The Ivors Academy and the Musicians’ Union have launched a #ComposersAgainstBuyout campaign to stop TV and film productions as well as advertisers from completely buying out the copyrights of media composers. The campaign seeks to create awareness on the increasingly practiced imposed copyright buyouts which deprive creators of their rights.

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26 Mar

Asia Pacific international symposium highlights need for global education on copyright buyouts and issues five key recommendations

See live debate here March 26th, 2021 - Composers and songwriters across the world need to get educated on the growing practice of copyright buyouts by the producers, broadcasters and platforms using their works. Buyouts are an increasingly common way for companies to license composers’ works, requiring the creator to surrender

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15 Mar

Explaining copyright buyouts: new CISAC guidelines for creators worldwide

15th March 2021 –   A set of Guidelines from CISAC on copyright buyouts is now being made available to creators and the general public from Your Music Your Future International. The paper is an abridged version of an analysis completed for CISAC member societies in June 2020 and is based

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