12 Jul

“Your Music Your Future International” comes to the Cannes Film Festival

YMYF founder Joel Beckerman outlines the global CISAC-backed education campaign about buyouts Your Music Your Future International is a global education campaign, led by composers, that seeks to raise awareness about the options composers have with their remuneration. The campaign was launched in February 2021, with CISAC partnering with the successful

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23 Jun

Case Study: deciding to say no to a complete buyout

An Australian composer learned a useful lesson when offered a US contract Buyouts, while much talked about of late, are nothing new. In 2009 Australian composer Ben was asked to score a 90 min feature documentary for a major cable TV network. It was his first encounter with a buyout

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9 Jun

Your Music Your Future launched in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish

Your Music Your Future International, the global education campaign on copyright buyouts, is today being made available in four new languages, supported by CISAC’s member societies in France, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil and Finland. The new sites, in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish, will take the campaign to more countries

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29 Apr

Protect your royalties and protect yourself

British film composer Mat Andasun explains why royalties are important for media composers' survival Royalties versus buyouts. Yawn. Can’t we just skip to the part where I get to write cool music and hear it on TV? Anything you can pay me would be great! So says every composer (myself

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7 Apr

Authors are being affected by the change in the media market. “There has been a visible decline in author compensation”

Henry is a Nordic composer who has been making music all his life. He is a fourth-generation musician and has performed in over 50 different countries in various line-ups. Professional composer he has been for about 15 years. Having received many kinds of offers during his career, Henry has learned

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