15 Mar

Explaining copyright buyouts: new CISAC guidelines for creators worldwide

15th March 2021 –   A set of Guidelines from CISAC on copyright buyouts is now being made available to creators and the general public from Your Music Your Future International.

The paper is an abridged version of an analysis completed for CISAC member societies in June 2020 and is based on insight from societies and external legal experts. The Guidelines explain what buyouts are, the laws applying in different markets, the implications for creators’ negotiating position and the options available to them.

There is nothing more sacred to a creator than the right to earn royalties from their work. Whatever business model they follow, those who make a living from their creative work, who are the backbone of creative industries, depend on this right. It helps them earn a steady income flow over their lifetime.

CISAC’s Guidelines on Copyright Buyout can be downloaded here.

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